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  • What made you start your own Jerky business?
    I have always loved beef jerky. Making my own became a hobby of mine when I was a teenager. The beef jerky that I found in stores was getting worse and worse, and I felt like mine was getting better and better. So I decided to start my own company so I can share my jerky with everyone while being my own boss and spending as much time as possible with my family. - Mike
  • What cut of meat do you use?
    Our beef jerky is made with 100% American raised beef brisket.
  • Will you sponsor me?
    Possibly! We do plan to sponsor streamers/content creators/influencers/etc. If you think you are someone we'd like to work with, contact Mike and shoot your shot! Include links to your streams/socials and let us know a little about yourself.
  • Will there be new flavors?
    Absolutely! We decided to launch with 6 flavors, but thats just the beginning. We are constantly experimenting with new flavor ideas and trying to be creative. We plan to release our take on some classic flavors, but we also plan to create some flavors you've never had before! The more jerky we sell, the faster we get new flavors. Make sure to subscribe to our emails so you can stay up to date on new flavor launches! (We will not bombard you with emails. We hate that crap too!)
  • When will you have merch?
    Soon! We wanted to launch the jerky ASAP because of all the delays along the way, and we don't want to rush and sell quickly made low quality merchandise. We are currently deciding between a few different companies to provide us with the look/feel/quality we are looking for. We appreciate your patience and will send out emails/social media posts to let you know when the merch drops!
  • Is your beef jerky GLUTEN FREE?
    Most of our beef jerky flavors are gluten free, but not all of them. Our gluten free flavors include: The OG Cracked Pepper Sriracha Style Smoke Carnage Asada
  • How much jerky comes in a bag?
    Right now all of our bags are 2.5 oz but we plan to have more options in the near future!
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